Why we fight

Posted: 27/07/2011 by zandtao in Finance, War

Why we fight

I have just watched “Why we fight” – a documentary about the history of the US Militart Industrial Complex shown on BBC 4 in June 2007, download it here. It begins with President Eisenhower warning about the power of the MIC when he resigned. It has more!!

It is quite disturbing to see such a consistent pattern of warlike behaviour. For me it is significant that it was shown on BBC4, yet there is nothing about the recent warlike nature of Britain’s involverment in war. Britain’s colonial past is also not peace-oriented, the approach is the same.

Here is a clear section by Gore Vidal in which he describes the nuclear devastation in Japan occurring months after Japan was seeking a peace.

The lessons drawn in this movie about the Iraq war are concise and clear, I will use them alter.

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